With this years' theme being "One People, One Country, Our Responsibility", it seems like the aim is to get the citizens of this beautiful country to band together, by asking each individual to take responsibility not only for their betterment but also for the betterment of the country. Grenada is a country that has a lot to offer and is full of potential and promise, so long as its people unite and adopt a progressive and entrepreneurial mindset.

It is with hope that Grenadians are ready to adopt a new and more progressive mindset to drive themselves and the economy forward that this year's celebrations will be held. To achieve this, each person must not only accept responsibility for themselves and loved ones, but the public must also hold one another and the government responsible regardless of which party is in power.

This country should be able to create and implement a national development plan that spans at least 10 yrs or more that is put together in consultation with the public, political parties and the public sector. The plan should be agreed upon by all and so its implementation continued regardless of which party assumes office. In this manner, we provide continuity for the development of the nation, as is done in other countries.

GreenzCove Apartments wishes all Grenadians a Happy Independence Day and hope that it will be an enjoyable and incident free celebration.